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Our clients and associates speak about us:


I just wanted to say "Thank You" for being such an incredible group of people to work with over the past (almost) seven years.  It's hard to believe it's been that long!  All of you are a large part of why I stayed so long.  There has never been a time any of you were unwilling to help and didn't act promptly when I needed something.  Additionally, the people you sent to help were always kind, professional and efficient.  I can't tell you how much that has been appreciated.... [That condo] always felt like my home rather than just a place I rented.

-- Stephanie B., Kentucky


I was very pleased with Modern Property's excellent service and attention to detail.  You and your staff were always on top of things... In fact, you would even go beyond the scope of our agreement to look out for my bottom line.  One of the best examples [is] when you wrote to the city on behalf of all your owners to ask for a property tax reduction that you, in fact, did get... I must say that I was especially pleased that you were able to complete or manage any repair or improvement project that I had.  This was very important to me considering I live about 2,000 miles away.  I would recommend your property management services to anyone who calls.

-- Darryl K., California


Tim, thank you for your hard work, and that of your employees, during our parking lot renovation.  The weather caused a few set backs but you all kept in really good communication with myself, Ashley, and the rest of the neighborhood.  Well done.

-- Nick R., Kentucky 


[Modern Property's] recruitment, retention and management of tenants have been outstanding.  They have the ability to keep me well-informed and recognize when there is the necessity to involve me in the decision making process and when to take care of a problem themselves.  In addition, their financial reporting is excellent and provides me with all of the information I need.

-- John W., Kentucky


I just want to express my sincere thanks for the quality service you have provided...  I am continually impressed by your professionalism and timely reporting...  You've made my life so much simpler.  I truly appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

-- Louis D., Florida 


Tim Scott's company, Modern Property Management, Inc., managed my multi-family apartment buildings in Lexington for several years.  He and his team were very attentive to my budget and goals for the properties.  Whenever I had questions about any aspect of the maintenance and management, I quickly got thorough answers.  Tim is very knowledgeable of multi-family, especially older properties, their maintenance and renovation needs, and of market forces that impact rentability.  His expertise was vital to me in strategizing how to keep the units rented, and how to maximize the potential of the buildings.  Tim also knows his way around Lexington regulatory agencies and street-level politics, which has turned out to be a major benefit to me, both personally and in keeping costs down...  I highly recommend Modern Property Management, Inc. to anyone needing management, 24/7 maintenance, or renovation.

-- Elin C., California


I have recently started investing in rental property...  Since I live in California, I needed to find a management company that I could trust to manage my condo for me.  I checked out several in Lexington, got a few recommendations and settled on Modern Property Management...  My unit has never been vacant.  This has been a great comfort to me.  I was able to have the confidence that my mortgage, insurance, and property taxes were going to be paid since I knew it would be occupied...  I was made aware of some issues at Modern Property with one of the people who did the bookkeeping... we decided to continue our business with [Modern Property] because of their commitment to us and their professionalism throughout this ordeal...  I am very confident that Modern Property has recovered from their mishap and the service they are providing is second to none.  I would recommend Modern Property to my friends who live out of state and are looking for a company to manage their property.

-- Steve K., California


My wife and I own two houses in Lexington, KY adjacent to the University of Kentucky campus, which units are rented to students.  The original owner of the building served as our building manager for eight years, until such time as we found that money was being scammed, repairs were being overcharged, and accounting was virtually non-existent.  Thus, having been burned by trusting the wrong individual, as an attorney, I undertook substantial due diligence, talking with other landlords and real estate lawyers in Lexington before I decided upon MPM.  We placed our properties under MPM management in late 2011 and found their rental efforts, rehab expenses, management fees, attention to detail, responsiveness and follow-up to be absolutely beyond reproach.  On a purely personal note, as my wife is our in-house CFO, the switch to MPM reduced a huge amount of stress in our marriage!  All proceeded beautifully until MPM was victimized by a very cunning, first-time thief, notwithstanding that MPM had undertaken thorough background checks.  Despite a clean background, MPM took the additional step of securing a fidelity bond to ensure against the unlikely event of a defalcation.  Having represented parties in the past who have been victimized by bank defalcations, I can attest that a cunning thief can obscure the theft from highly competent senior employees, outside auditors and competent and inquisitive boards of directors.  As such, I can hardly conceive of what additional efforts MPM could have taken to prevent this theft.  After it was discovered, Tim Scott and MPM undertook every appropriate action as expeditiously as possible and kept us fully and completely informed at every turn.  For these reasons, I repose great confidence in Tim Scott and his organization and I will look forward to continuing my business relationship with him and his enterprise in the years to come.

-- Henry S., Esq., Kentucky


...I called several social services departments in Lexington and The Hope Center, both "eviction services" listed in the yellow pages, and two moving companies.  Fortunately, a friend suggested calling a property management company, Modern Property Management, and they were terrific: efficient, professional, and reasonably priced.  They obtained the Writ, made arrangements with Constable Hamlin, worked for hours at the townhouse and changed the lock at the end of the process.  Although they were very familiar with Constable Hamlin because of the properties they manage, they had never considered serving as an eviction service.  I am so grateful they agreed to help us.  They removed a mountain of junk that day, the photographs are astonishing...  I want to recommend Modern Property Management...  I think there are probably many other "accidental landlords" in Fayette County; I have some friends who could easily find themselves in my shoes next year.

-- Lynne W., Alabama 


My wife and I  have been clients of Modern Property Management for the past six years.  They manage rental property for us in Lexington, KY.  We have and will continue to recommend Modern Property Management to friends or anyone inclined to need such services.  They have been diligent in solving any problems [and] keeping us informed on the resolution.

-- Terry S., Kentucky 


I have been involved with Modern Property Management (MPM) for over a year and during that time period, I have been very impressed and pleased with the professional management and rehabilitation skills of this company.  I have [spent] time with this company reviewing their skills as it relates to clients, their property and the residents of the properties they manage.  They do an excellent job and have recommended [MPM] to other clients as well as the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government here in Lexington, where MPM has rehabilitated residential units for them in the past.  This company has respect for their clients, their properties and the residents...  I would highly recommend this company to any of my clients and friends.

-- Harold T., Kentucky


Tim, we have been pleased with the management services that you have provided.  Fortunately we have not had much in the way of vacancies, but when they did occur they seemed to have been released on a timely basis.  Also, any work that needs to be done on the properties has been handled timely.

-- Gerald P., Kentucky 



Additional references available upon request.