Poca's Animal Rescue Page


Abandoned during a move-out from a managed complex one summer, MPM's Scotts (Tim, Jeanne & Nathaniel) adopted Poca "The Office Dog".   At MPM, we lend a helping hand to animals in need.



MPM's Scotts are always on the lookout for turtles in need.  Sometimes a simple lift across the road is all that's needed; alternatively, relocation to a safer, more suitable location is in order.  Either way, these gentle little reptiles deserve all the help we can give them.





This pair, a Siberian Husky and a Bull Terrier, were found by MPM's Scotts abandoned along the Mountain Parkway on the way to Red River Gorge.  They had been surviving on road kill and desperately needed help.  Following a two-week recovery program, local rescues Kentucky SAVE and Homeward Bound collaborated to adopt them out.





This is Ishi the kitten.  He was left behind by a tenant moving out of a managed apartment building.  MPM's Tim, Jeanne & Nathaniel adopted him.





One of MPM's maintenance contractors rescued a stranded baby rabbit from a managed property.  Following a visit to Penny Royal Animal Hospital, she was taken to a professional rehabilitator.





Found by a maintenance tech, these baby starlings had fallen from their tree at a managed townhome complex.  MPM's president, Tim Scott, constructed a new "nest" made from a cardboard box and fastened this securely to the tree with wire.  After careful placement of the babies (below right) and a few minutes of quiet observation, parents were reunited with young ones.





Using humane methods, MPM caught and released over 20 wild animals in 2011, including raccoons, squirrels and oppossums.  These three were in the dumpster outside our main office.